2013 Apr Newsletter
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April 2013

With the arrival of spring it has brought new opportunities and challenges for the Food Pantry and Thrift Store.

Pantry:       In March we served 462 families for a total of 1037 family members.  We have had 413 volunteer hours.  The Pantry gave out 38,575 pounds of food for a average cost of 15 ½ cents per pound. Churches, schools, individuals and business gave food to the pantry which helped keep our cost low. We purchase the majority of foods through Ozark Food Harvest in Springfield.
School will be out for the summer soon and last year’s experience of greater demand and lower supplies has shown that we need to start stocking up our food supplies as there is always a shortage of food during the summer.
The spring Rendezvous again this year will be allowing patrons to pay part of the entrance fee in canned goods for the pantry.  Last year was a great success and we hope this year will continue the trend.
April 20th we will be on the receiving end of Lucus Oil Speedway 50/50 drawing.
For those of you not familiar with 50/50, Speedway fans take a chance on having their ticket number called.  The dollar amount varied depending on how many tickets are sold.  The patron will win ½ the total and the other ½ goes to the food pantry.
Volunteers:   Our two volunteer coordinators have done and excellent job getting workers.  Shirley Parker and Deanna Brown have worked diligently scheduling the present workers and getting additional ones.  There are 100 volunteers for the pantry and 55 for the thrift store. Thanks girls for a job well done.
Thrift Store:   Opening day was on schedule as the thrift store is off and running.  After a couple of months repairing, cleaning and painting it became a reality.  We were ready to start filling the clothing racks and filled shelves. 
For the month of March we averaged over $200.00 per day.  Hopefully we can maintain that figure as it will be a great financial help for the Pantry.
There are just 2 more hurdles to cross with the Thrift Store.  One is the roof, it has been repaired but we continue to have problems with leakage.  The second is the heating and air conditioning replacement/addition requirements. Both of these major expenses will have to be funded by the income of the Thrift Store’s income as no dollars will be taken from the pantry. The Board of Directors has voted to go ahead and replace the roof with bids coming in for the heating/air conditioning requirements. With the continued clothing donations and customer purchases we will be able to address these major expenses with the Thrift Store income.
Thank you all for your continued support.
Sandy Rash
Board Member  

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